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"A tiny and mighty game." - Rock Paper Shotgun

Pawnbarian is a quick-playing roguelike puzzler.

You'll use a deck of chess moves to hack and slash through hordes of enemies.

Careful strategy, playing around all sorts of statuses and traits, and some light deck-building will help you along the way through this unforgiving dungeon crawl. For treasure, glory, and simply for the plain ol' fun of monster slaughter.

This is a free, in-development version of an upcoming, paid game for desktop and mobile. It'll be bigger and shinier.

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Absolutely wonderful game! Best of luck on your steam release :)  can't wait

Still loving your game and looking forward to the full release. Not sure if you thought about this but I think it would good challenge if you incorporated and kept track of how many turns it take to complete each level- like having a par with golf. There are lot of ways to integrate it, both for individual challenges and upgrades.

This has  happened since you released  this game but I did't think about it until now. Is receiving a queen random or is there any logic behind it. It is overly common that I receive 2 queens at once or another queen before the deck is used up. The queen commonly comes powered up as well. This make the game too easy and less realistic since there is only one queen in chess. I suggest you make it impossible to be dealt 2 queens at once and only one should appear per deck shuffle. Thoughts?

Hey! Queens are promoted from Pawns in very specific situations which you trigger through gameplay, and keep their upgrades. It’s explained in the Pawn’s description. You can sometimes trigger two conditions at once (starting the turn in the top row with a hand of 3 Pawns).

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Oh! Thanks for the info- glad to hear there is reasoning behind it. I never bothered to read the description LOL- now that I'm reading it, I see that it is specific. 

Now that I understand how it work- this makes it too easy.  I think you should make a rule that you can't hold more than one Queen in your hand at a time. 

I like it, nice callback to chess. 


I really love the idea and I liked my few runs.

upgrade weren't clear for me. First I was thinking I take the piece, not upgrading it (maybe highlight the piece involve on the right could be an hint...)

Update feedback:

+ I love that the pawns now have to follow  chess rules.  This make the game more realistic and more challenging.

+ The cost of upgrades is  now more balanced especially given the update to pawn movement rules

- While I do think the new visual of bold squares removes  any doubt as to where I can move, I preferred the original 2 click option because I didn't have to move my mouse across the screen to make my move. I think both options should be available.  As it is, you have slowed down the pace which will be helpful to some but it detracted from my experience.

Looking forward to more updates and the full game release!!!!!

In addition- I just learned from the comments below that you can stop on any square- this is a cool update because it also make the game like chess..... with that said- it makes the game easier as well especially given the predictable ai. I think it add a level of challenge to turn on an off this feature. Obviously, I don't know what you have in store for the complete game and I expect and hope the challenge goes way up.  Looking forward to it! 

Thanks! If you’re looking for snappy gameplay, try using the keyboard (1/2/3 to select cards, E to end turn) and only use the mouse to select exact destinations. It’s obviously different and occupies both hands, but after a little getting used to, you should be able to move much faster than you ever could with the old system.


An option to switch between new and old nav controls would be nice. 

Hi! The old nav controls aren’t really viable anymore now that you can stop on any square in range.

Good point, and that's too bad. Loved those controls. :)  Regardless, you have an amazing game, though I think the newest version is a bit easier than the previous. I like the challenge the pawns have now, with traditional chess movement.