PAWNBARIAN v0.0.2 released!

Hello! I'm already hard at work rewriting PAWNBARIAN into a squeaky clean new codebase. In the meantime, check out this update.

  • You no longer need to end your turn after winning the room in one move
  • You no longer lose moves and cards when the move would be illegal
  • You no longer need to escape out of the blob's explosion to avoid damage if it was a winning move
  • However, there were some other changes to enemies that made them more challenging to fight, so beware!

These are relatively small tweaks, but I think the game feels significantly smoother to play now, and a bit more interesting.

v0.0.1 is still available for 7DRL judging purposes.


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how does one find v0.0.2? when i click the download now button i only get v0.0.1

Hey, sorry about the confusion. The game page embed is the most recent version. The downloads are just local html pages that launch in the browser anyway, and because of how is set up, I can't enable downloading for the embedded version. You can download it through itch's desktop client.