Pawnbarian v0.1.10a changelog

A small, but significant patch.


  • Pawns can now both attack and move in all 3 directions, instead of using the real Chess moveset.
  • Pawn upgrade cost multiplier is now 1.0 (was 0.9), same as all other pieces.
  • Adjusted the starting deck.
    • Removed the Shield upgrades from Pawns.
    • Pawn with Splash now has both Splash upgrades.
  • Cantrip upgrades now won’t spawn on the 1st floor.


  • Adjusted several descriptions.

The Pawn change makes a pretty big difference in the core mechanics of Pawnbarian. I imagine it will be a bit controversial, but I believe it makes for a better game.

The change has other interesting consequences as well, but the main reason for it is to eliminate the risk of getting “stunlocked”. Playing around the possibility of drawing a triple Pawn hand was an important part of Pawnbarian, but I decided it’s simply not that fun or interesting, and very frustrating to beginners. Deck management continues to be a big part of playing well, but it’s not as pivotal anymore.

I want to make it clear that my goal isn’t to make the game easier, though that’s probably the case in the current patch. The higher and more even power level of the deck will let me design tougher encounters, and the expanded moveset of Pawns makes each turn more complex.

Definitely let me know your thoughts!

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Oof! My thoughts, since you asked: this was definitely something that annoyed the shit out of me when learning the game, and that I felt clever for overcoming. Thus, I feel a little uneasy about the sunk cost going "to waste" now, BUT I'd far rather it be more welcoming to new players AND I'm definitely not going to miss forgetting about it and losing to a facepalm on floor 6 :D